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Episode 3: Sound The Alarm!


In this Episode we talk about the recent Slender-man stabbings and the demonic activity behind it all. I also talk about the Church and how it is wasting it’s time discussing & arguing trivial matters while are county slowly approaches Hell.

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Episode 2: Revolution in Money


In this episode we talk about the future of money and how that applies to christians, Government waste & abuse, and progress in the war on abortion.

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Four Words Everyone Seems to Forget

The part where I mention the ‘Four Words Everyone Seems to Forget’ is a little farther down. I wanted to lay some ground work before mentioning my main point. If you want to jump to the main point it is under the heading ‘Main Point’ below.

Oh America, how far we have fallen! I have written on this topic before (Freedom & Freedom: Part 2 Freedom of Speech), and I will continue writing on this topic because it is an important one.

I just stumbled across another news article where an Anti-Religion organization was using the so-called ‘Establishment Clause‘ of the U.S. Constitution to limit a persons ability to practice their religion. I say ‘So-called’ not because I think it’s not there, because it is, I say ‘So-called’ because there are no headings on the constitution that say ‘Establishment Clause’. That is a pseudo name for a piece of an amendment, its not even the whole amendment! The Establishment Clause is this:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…”

That seems pretty straight forward. Congress, meaning the U.S. Congress on a federal level, can not make any laws respecting an establishment of religion. The problem starts when people use the ‘Establishment Clause’ because that is only half of the statement, in fact that is only one fourth of the amendment! Right after that you read: “…or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” that adds even more meaning to this Amendment, that is frequently left out by the ACLU and Freedom From Religion Foundation. The rest of the amendment reads: “…or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” One has to wonder why did they include freedom of speech and freedom of religion in the same amendment? Perhaps because they wanted the two to go together? In other words you have the freedom of religion and the right to talk about it!

Main Point

So what are the ‘Four Words Everyone Seems to Forget’? I will use a recent news article to make my point. The first sentence in the article reads:

A Washington-based humanist group has petitioned the federal court to find county commissioners in Maryland in contempt and fine them $10,000 per prayer for continuing to allow prayers in Jesus’ name despite a court order.

This has come about because Caroll County Washington Commissioner Robin Bartlett Frazier said that the court order is “an infringement on [her] First Amendment rights of free speech and religion,” and refused to stop using the name of Jesus even if it means being placed behind bars. [article] So the ‘Washington-based humanist group’ is petitioning because Frazier prayed in the name of Jesus Christ. This is what the groups argument is according to the article:

The group had asserted that the Christian invocations violated the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution, which declares that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

The ‘Christian invocations’ violate the ‘Establishment Clause’? How!? What about “… shall make no law…” do those words just get thrown out? Since when did prayer become the same as making a law? Am I missing something here? They are acting as if those four words don’t exhist and the amendment reads: “Congress shall not respect an establishment of religion.” However, that is not what it reads! Praying is not the same as making a law therefore Praying in the name of Jesus whether in a government building or in a church does not vilate the ‘Establishment Clause.”

Here is the Ironic part, if you take the whole amendment, in it’s entirety and apply it to this you get a completely different outcome:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…” so here we have that they can not make a law respecting a religion. “…or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” they also cannot make a law prohibiting the free exercise of a religion.

So what actually breaks the 1st amendment, praying in the name of Jesus? Nope, praying is not the same as making a law. How about making a ‘Court Order’ to prohibit them from praying? Wait… isn’t that… a law? Isn’t that law ‘prohibiting the free exercise…’ of a religious activity? Then wouldn’t the court order prohibiting prayer in Jesus name be breaking the amendment? Oh, the Irony! Its not the act of praying that is illegal here, it is the act of telling them they can’t pray.

“… shall make no law…” those four little words that everyone seems to forget. If you take those words seriously then you find that, in most cases, the prosecuting party is actually the one at fault.

Why Are We Dividing the Church?

Why does the Church take on the worldly model of teaching children? Why do we separate out children based on age? Why does the ‘Body’ of Christ have to be split based on age? Do the kids not have a role to play because of their age? Didn’t Jesus say to “suffer the little children”?

Below is a movie that looks at these questions and more, and discusses the origins of Youth Group and Children’s Church. Contrary to popular belief these are new to the Church and have only been around for hundreds of years. It is a man made concept that is flawed in it’s core principal.

Official Divided the Movie (HD Version) from NCFIC on Vimeo.

God’s Not Dead

A new blockbuster, maybe, was just released this past weekend!

On the heels of one of the most watched debates of all time, between Ken Ham CEO of answers in genesis and every child’s favorite scientist Bill Nye the Science Guy, comes a movie that brings to light the mentality of todays culture in America. Today Christians are viewed as mentally inferior because we believe in God, the mentality is that a creator is only necessary to explain the things we don’t understand. As if science could only exist if God didn’t. Science is in reality a way for us to understand the universe around us, just because we can explain something doesn’t mean that it wasn’t created.

This movie is a must see for Christians, not only is it a Christian movie and family friendly, those are hard to come by nowadays, but it is extremely well done. The acting was fantastic and the story was amazingly developed. I don’t think there was a character in the movie that didn’t have a backstory. Despite the amount of backstory the movie doesn’t drag at all, it continues along at a nice steady pace. It’s funny, real, inspiring and at times a bit heart wrenching.

All in all Pure Flix has out done themselves this time, and I highly recommend this movie.

Episode 1: Here We Go!


This is my first podcast, and my first episode so bear that in mind!
I will be getting better!

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Below is a Trailer for the movie Son of God:

I Am Second 22 Day Challenge – Day 22

I have accepted the 22 Day Challenge from I Am Second and I encourage you to do the same. You can sign up on their website or follow along with me here on: From on the Wall.

The video for day twenty two is from Tony Dungy:

Coach Dungy was not your stereotypical NFL head coach. The game was not first in his life, he didn’t value his worth as a coach based on his wins and losses. He wanted to teach his players not just how to play football, but how to live. When he lost his first coaching job he wasn’t sure what to do or where he was supposed to go, but God took care of all that. Indianapolis called, they needed a new head coach and Tony Dungy was the man for the job. His principles of putting God first was what they wanted from their head coach.

His team was good, but they never seemed to be quite good enough for the Superbowl. Finally Coach Dungy came to the reality that winning the Superbowl might not be part of Gods plan for him and his team and he was fine with that. He placed God above himself and honored the Lord by making God first in his life and in the life of his players. Then finally, victory! They won the Superbowl! They honored God with a prayer, first, even in victory they put God first.

What are you, what am I willing to lay down? What goals do we have that we are willing to say, “okay God maybe thats not your plan, I give it to you.” What are we willing to sacrifice? Are we willing to put God first in everything we do? Are we ready to live our lives to honor the one who gave us life?

Are we ready to be second?

Todays Challenge:
Tony Dungy taught his players to play for something greater than a touchdown. Don’t be distracted by the lesser things of life. Give up a distraction today. Go a day without TV, texts, or Facebook.

I Am Second 22 Day Challenge – Day 21

I have accepted the 22 Day Challenge from I Am Second and I encourage you to do the same. You can sign up on their website or follow along with me here on: From on the Wall.

The video for day twentyone is from Shane Kampe:

Shane started out living for the Lord: going to church, reading his Bible, and praying. Then he started hanging out with some of his worldly friends and bought into the lie that the world can bring more happiness than church can. He bought into the lie that drugs, alcohol, and sex was all he needed to live a happy and fulfilled life. Shane and his friends drank on a daily basis, “If it was a day that ended in ‘Y’ it was a day to get drunk”. Then one night that all changed. After drinking heavily he got on to his motorcycle, and despite his friends attempts to convince him not to, drove off towards his next destination.

His friend found him on the road later, head cracked open lying in a pool of his own blood. At the hospital the doctors said he would never recover, and if he did he would be a vegetable. People gathered together and prayed for a miracle, prayed for God to heal this prodigal son. He woke up, and recovered fully, and now he has given his life fully to the Lord. He has found the one thing in life that can satisfy, that can heal, that provides worth. Jesus Christ, the Lord.

If you have fallen away from the Lord, it’s not to late for you. God healed Shane who had once known him and walked away. God calls out to the lost, to those that once knew him. God calls the prodigals home! It’s not too late, all you have to do is ask, and the Lord will welcome you back with open arms, heal your woulds, dry your tears, and give you the answers you have been searching for.

Todays Challenge:
Shane was supposed to die in that hospital but he didn’t. What’s your story? Text it, facebook it, or email it.But tell someone your story, today.

I Am Second 22 Day Challenge – Day 20

I have accepted the 22 Day Challenge from I Am Second and I encourage you to do the same. You can sign up on their website or follow along with me here on: From on the Wall.

The video for day twenty is from Wayne Simien:

Wayne sought his own glory through his talent at basketball. He was good and a lot of people noticed! He found the glory he sought, he had everything the world claims you need to be happy. Fans, drugs, alcohol, and any girl he wanted. He soon found that the worlds happiness came at a price. He placed his worth on how people perceived him, how much attention he got from others, and the kind of attention he got. He was so focused on his performance and keeping up that image that he found himself emotionally broken whenever someone said or did something negative about or too him. Whenever he played poorly he imagined that it affected how people saw him and would drain from his self worth.

Then he wound the Lord, and everything changed. Instead of playing for himself he started playing for the Lord, and that burden of performing so that others would approve of him was lifted. He found his worth in knowing that at the end of the day, he did what he did for God, and God was proud of him. He eventually got drafted into the NBA and the Lord taught him more about the perils of seeking ones own glory. He eventually quit basketball all together to do what the Lord had called him to do, and he couldn’t be happier. He gave up what he thought brought him happiness in order to obtain what could bring him true Joy, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Todays Challenge:
Wayne Simien won the game but was a mess on the inside. Are you right with God? What would it look like to make God first and to live Second? Evaluate your priorities, today.